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a Xena icon challenge
Guidelines and Rules
• This is first and foremost a stillness community. Therefore, no animation will be accepted unless specified in the rules of a particular challenge.
• Icons submitted must fit LJ standards {100x100, 40KB or less, and in .png/.jpeg/.gif format}. They must also fulfil the specifications of the given challenge.
• All submissions should remain anonymous until after winners have been announced.
• All submissions should be new. As in, your icons must have been created specifically for the challenge, and unless you are a mind reader (which, hey, cool) you cannot have made your icons until after the challenge is posted.
• Submissions can be posted in a comment to the challenge post. You should post in this format:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

• Awards will be as follows: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Something, and Mod’s choice except in cases where there are 20+ icons. When this happens, an additional 4th place will be added.
• If you have any questions, you may direct them to the challenge post and/or PM a moderator.
Community Schedule, Info, and Contact
The schedule will be as follows:

Thursday a new challenge will be posted. Entries will be accepted until the challenge is complete.

Monday. This is when the voting post will go up and entries will no longer be accepted. Voting will go on for two days.

Thursday the winners will be announced, and should you desire a banner, you may request one at this point.

Please keep in mind the time zone. Currently, the moderator operates on GMT +11. All times will take that into account. Any deviations on this schedule will be noted in the community.

• Your current moderator: forgetmenotts. You may contact her through PM. You may also make your voice heard at the suggestion post. Challenge suggestions may also be submitted there as well as questions and concerns you may have regarding the community.

• Affiliates Post: Look here.. Should you wish to become an affiliate, please leave a comment at this post. Thank you!

• The community icon was made by community member lrbcn. CSS and profile credit can be found below.

Please check the tags to see previous challenges and previous winners. Should you wish to participate, please join and watch the community so that you may be informed about all changes made as well as new challenges! Have fun and battle on!

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